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Civil Liberties Hall of Fame

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Life During Wartime

Resisting Counterinsurgency

Kristian Williams (Editor); Lara Messersmith-Glavin (Editor); William Munger (Editor) - AK Press


Read the recent article on Gawker:
After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back
by Adrian Chen

New: The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI by Betty Medsger
CounterSpies: Exposing Government Surveillance and Covert Action from Nixon to Reagan
A book by Chip Berlet - Coming in 2015 - Write to Power Press

This is an online project to map out the anti-repression and anti-spying work opposing covert action at home and abroad from the 1960s to the 1980s in the United States

Links to details will be added to the Civil Liberties Hall of Fame by the Defending Dissent Foundation

National Committee to Abolish HUAC
(House Un-American Activities Committee)

Power Structure <<<Research>>>
C Wright Mills &
G William Domhoff
National Lawyers Guild


==> National Emergency
Civil Liberties Committee

Campaign to Stop Government Spying
Organizing Notes

Mae Churchill

Campaign for
Political Rights

Ramparts Magazine Investigative Reports
College Press Service Collective
Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights
National Speaking Tours by Frank Wilkinson
FBI files stolen from office in Media, PA and COINTELPRO files sent to reporters
Committee for Action/Research
on the Intelligence Community

Tim Butz, Winslow Peck,
Gary Thomas
Center for
National Security Studies
American Friends Service Committee Projects
Linda Lotz, Ken Lawrence, and others
Federal Freedom of Information Act
Political Rights Defense Fund
(Socialist Workers Party)
National Security Archive
Pentagon Papers
Daniel Ellsberg
Research and
Books by
Frank Donner
NBC's Carl Stern FOIA request for FBI
Intelligence Documentation Center >>>
Citizens Research Investigating Committee,
Los Angeles
NLG Anti-Repression Task Force


Fund for Open Information & Accountability
(FOIA, Inc.)


Namebase Index
Daniel Brandt

CIA Diary by Phil Agee


<<<<<         >>>>>








Counter-Spy Magazine circa 1976: ==>>>

Julie Brooks, Tim Butz, Eda Gordon, Harvey Kahn,
K. Barton Osborn, Winslow Peck (Perry Fellwock), Doug Porter, Margaret van Houten
CounterSpy Magazine circa 1977: ==>>>

Julie Brooks, Ellen Ray, Winslow Peck (Perry Fellwock)

Covert Action Information Bulletin 1978-1979

Ellen Ray, William Schaap, and Louis Wolf

Covert Action Information Bulletin 1980-1988

Publishers: Ellen Ray, William Schaap, and Louis Wolf

Editorial Staff included at different times: Terry Allen, Barbara Neuwirth, Kate Porterfield, Sanho Tree

Covert Action Quarterly - post 1988

Ellen Ray, William Schaap, and Louis Wolf

Public Eye Network
Eda Gordon,
Sheila O'Donnell ,
Harvey Kahn & Others
<<== Guild
Investigative Group
(National Lawyers Guild)
Eda Gordon &
Sheila O'Donnel l


Movement Support Network
(Center for Constitutional Rights)

Reading List on Intelligence Agencies & Political Repression
Linda Lotz &
Chip Berlet

CIA Off Campus
Book & Project

Public Eye Magazine
Washington, DC

National Grand Jury Project
Center for Campus Organizing
Nationwide Lawsuits Against
Illegal Surveillance and Disruption
National Reporter
Public Eye Magazine 2
Chicago, Illinois
No More Witch Hunts
National campaign to block Senate Subcommittee on Security & Terrorism
New York


Black Panthers Case
(Peoples Law Office)

American Civil Liberties Union Chicago Red Squad Case

Alliance to End Repression
Chicago Red Squad Case
Spanish Action Committee
of Chicago
Chicago Red Squad Case
National Archive Lawsuit to prevent file destruction
Public Education Project
on the Intelligence Community
Public Eye Magazine 3
Boston, MA >>>
Political Research Associates

Political Research Associates
Project on Intelligence Abuses

Los Angeles

Socialist Workers Party Lawsuit

Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation
Michael Avery and David Rudovsky

NLG Lawsuit against
John Rees

Police Misconduct Litigation Report

<<< National Lawyers Guild
Civil Liberties Committee

San Francisco
Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Report

<<= National Police Accountability Project

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

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